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Wednesday, July 06, 2005

"The System Made Me Do It!" - July 2005

Do you often find confusing what some people do around you? Do you sometimes hear people commenting on things you know you never said? Do you get the impression that some you work with or know feel that others run their lives?

If you answered "Yes!" to any of my questions, you will find helpful the short editorial, "The System Made Me Do It!" by John Renesch. He includes some suggestions to help you through the haze you may have noticed. If you answered "No!" to one or all of my questions, you may wish to read John's piece to discover something you may have been missing. His "Five Apes Story" is fascinating.

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Now It's Your Turn!: In what kind of weird behaviours do you watch people in your organization engage? How about sharing a story about a report you got about something you never said or did? Does Mr. Renesch's analysis make sense in your experience? (My 'Comment Section', in which you can share anonymously, will open to you when you click on "comments" immediately below this post.)

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